web content marketing

The Company

For over ten years, this industrial safety retailer has provided personal protective equipment and safety supplies to industries across the United States, including government, education, medical, construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

The Challenge

While the company had a solid base of customers, it relied heavily on search engine results rankings (especially for specific search terms) to land new clients. But Google algorithm changes and increased competition was negatively affecting its ranking and cutting into its business.

After working with a SEO company and an online advertising agency, the company decided to improve its rankings by regularly publishing optimized content to its new blog. It would then share this content through the company’s social media accounts.

In addition, the management team wanted to nurture existing customers by producing a monthly email newsletter with original articles and product promotions.

No one on the marketing team had the time or expertise to develop content strategy or write blog posts. And no one was particularly keen to learn the ins and outs of WordPress, Constant Contact and Hootsuite.

The Objective

To use content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing to increase brand awareness and drive more business from new and existing clients.

The Solution

1. Write four blog posts every month

We embarked on a program to improve search engine rankings by publishing content to the new blog four times a month. The management team would give me a topic (such as “portable hand wash stations”) and suggest possible angles and resources.

I would do some research and compose a draft while making judicious use of keywords. Once approved, I would upload the post to WordPress, add an image and schedule it to go live.

2. Share content on social media

Once the blog post was live, I would share it on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, using Hootsuite as a managing tool.

3. Compose a monthly newsletter

On a monthly basis, I would write an article for the company’s email newsletter. I would also be given a couple of products or promotions to feature.

I would compose the newsletter in Constant Contact, adding images and writing promotional copy. I would forward a test copy for approval before scheduling the newsletter for release.

With the help of my content marketing services, the team at this B2B retailer was able to focus on running their business and leave most of the content marketing to me—while still providing overall direction and approvals.

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