marketing content

The Company

In the world of enterprise software, Adam Jacobson of Red Three Consulting is a rarity: he’s a software consultant who combines a deep knowledge of ERP software with expertise in accounting, finance and management.

That unique combination of knowledge allows him to communicate effectively with both techie and financial types—a skill especially valuable in a corporate world where the two groups often inhabit different planets.

To cap it off, Adam also has the fearlessness to say what needs to be said to either group—in true straight-talking New Yorker fashion.

Over the years, Adam has used his corporate blog and newsletter to communicate his unique perspective to clients and prospects as well as a tool to formulate his own thoughts and insights.

The Challenge

But there was a problem. While Adam enjoyed the process of drafting blog posts, he didn’t have the time, desire or skills to edit them. He also didn’t want to fuss with tasks related to his company’s content and email marketing systems.

Over the years, he had assigned these tasks to various members of his team, but they struggled to fit them in around their regular duties. And none of these staff had specialized training in writing, editing or content marketing.

The Objective

To have Adam continue to use his corporate blog as a tool to formulate his thoughts and market his company, while relieving him and his staff of responsibilities related to editing and content management.

The Solution

1. Edit the Red Three blog and newsletter

Today, Adam continues to provide content for the Red Three blog and newsletter through rough drafts. I edit the content, including substantive, copy editing and proofreading, as well as some light fact checking.

When complete, I return the copy to Adam for final review.

Initially, we were concerned that the editing might prove too challenging because I had no expertise in ERP software or finance. But that hasn’t been an issue.

Adam’s audience is broad and includes both techie and non-techie types (including CEOs and CFOs). Consequently, I’ve been able to make sure the posts are written at a level where both techies and non-techies can understand them. And when posts are more technical, any errors introduced by my edits are caught in the review process.

In addition, Adam was concerned that my edits might alter the distinct “voice” of his writing, but I was able to adapt and make sure my edits don’t corrupt his unique (and fun to read!) style.

2. Manage the Red Three content management system

Once Adam approves the edited blog posts, I upload them into his content management system for publishing, making sure they’re tagged and formatted correctly. I also identify and add suitable images.

In addition, every month, Adam selects two or three posts to feature in the Red Three newsletter. I create the newsletter in the CMS and send a draft to Adam for review. Once approved, I schedule it for distribution.

My experience with a variety of content management systems has proven valuable, as Red Three has switched systems a few times over the years. Each time, we’ve been able to proceed with little additional training or support.

3. Share responsibility for Red Three social media

In the last few years, Red Three began promoting its content more actively on social networks. Again, this wasn’t something Adam could spend a lot of time on.

So instead, Adam and I share responsibility for Red Three’s social media networks. I distribute social media posts on Twitter and LinkedIn for the blog posts, making sure to resend them multiple times. Adam also contributes by sending out additional social media posts as he wants and responding to comments and questions.

Today, Adam and his team are able to dedicate more of their time to the core of Adam’s business and spend less time on editing and content management. At the same time, Adam has been able to continue to use his blog, newsletter and social media as a way to crystalize his thoughts and market his business to prospects and clients.

If you need marketing content for your corporate blog or newsletter, give me a call at 604-657-0867 or drop me an email.