Swing Your Arms to Jump

I’d forgotten how to jump. 

You know… that swift movement where you push off with your legs and propel yourself into the air. 

Sounds silly, I know. 

But I probably hadn’t jumped up (or on, or over) anything since high school. 

And I’d forgotten how to do it.

I came to this realization during an Orangetheory Fitness class while attempting a burpee bench jump. 

It’s supposed to look something like this:

(Thanks to The Active Traveler Network for demonstrating.)

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How to NOT Be Forgotten

I’m a bad cat mom. 

My daughter informed me of this yesterday when she opened her closet doors after returning from school… and the cat strolled out.

Since I work from my home office, I’m technically in charge of the cat during work hours. 

This isn’t a big responsibility. I merely give her food and scratch her ears when she wants attention.

But mostly, she sleeps in a chair in the living room. And I don’t see much of her until the kids come home.

But on this particular day, the cleaners had come by to clean the house. 

How to NOT be forgotten by your prospects
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The Secret to Writing a Memorable (and Motivating) Case Study

Recently, I’ve been writing a number of case studies for one of my clients. This client is a business coach who delivers high quality, personalized training programs to new and established freelance writers.

As with many entrepreneurs, he’s been so busy building his business and putting together his team that he hasn’t had time to create many case studies. But now he’s getting caught up, and I’m happy to write them for him.

This got me thinking about what separates an adequate case study from memorable and motivating case study.

Writing a memorable case study

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Who Are Your Business Competitors, Really?

Many years ago, a client gave me a free ticket to attend a local health food expo. During one of the presentations, the speaker asked the crowd, “Who is McDonald’s biggest competitor?” and promised to give the first person with the right answer $50.

A low rumble arose from the crowd as people tossed out ideas. “Burger King!” “Wendy’s!” “Subway!” “Dominos!” they shouted.

I thought for a moment. I figured that since he was asking the question, the answer was probably something unexpected.

I shouted “grocery stores!”—and pocketed the $50!

business competitors

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4 Reasons to Keep a List of All Your Marketing Articles

I always recommend that my clients keep a list of all their marketing articles, such as newsletter articles, blog posts and guest posts.

This isn’t an onerous task when done from the outset. But even if they’ve accumulated several years of posts, it doesn’t take much time to compile a list.

Then, as I write new articles on their behalf, I simply keep adding to the list.

list of marketing articles

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Do You Have to be a Subject Matter Expert to be a Content Marketing Writer?

When friends find out I’m a content marketing writer, they guess that I must spend a lot of time researching.

And it’s true. I do spend a lot of time digging into different topics and industries. But probably not as much as you think.

Because here’s the reality: Even if I spend weeks and weeks studying a particular subject area, I’m never going to know as much about it as an expert in that area.

content marketing writer

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14 Ways to Repurpose Your Company’s Marketing Content

It takes time to create marketing content. So when you (or your marketing team) have time to hash out some content, you want to get as much value from it as possible. And for most businesses, that means reusing content in multiple places.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can repurpose your company’s marketing content:

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Using an Editorial Calendar for Your Company’s Internet Marketing

You’ve been busy with your company’s Internet marketing, putting great content on your blog, Facebook page and in your email newsletter. Excellent. But how are you managing this content? Are you posting on an ad hoc basis, or are you following a strategic plan?

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