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Working with a Professional Web Content Writer

I have lots of clients from out of town. In fact, most of my clients are not only out of town but WAY out of town. Most of them find me (or I find them) through my website, social media or referrals.

People ask how I can meet the needs of clients as far away as New Hampshire, New York, Toronto or California. But it’s actually quite easy – especially with all of the great collaborative tools at our disposal. But even if you have nothing more than an Internet connection and an email account, it’s still very easy to work with a web content writer who’s not in your area code. Here are a few examples of how I work with clients who don’t live next door.

Example #1: Writing Website Content

I write website marketing copy for a client and many of my client’s clients. My client provides me with a completed questionnaire about their clients, a list of keywords (for SEO), and any website design restrictions. (For my direct clients, I gather this information and compile keyword lists myself.)

The process is simple. I learn about the client’s business, objectives and style, then write the website content as well as the title, description and keyword metadata. Throughout, I optimize the content with the selected keywords. When I’m done, I send the web content back to the client for feedback. Once everyone’s happy, the content goes to the website developer for uploading.

Example #2: Blog Post Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting blog posts for clients is a similar process. One of my clients provides me with a blog post topic, suggested word count and any keywords they want to target. Rather than email files back and forth, my client has an account in Basecamp and we track our projects and post our files there. For piecemeal work – where I charge an hourly fee as opposed to a project fee – I track my time using Harvest. Although not required, these easy to use tools help the process go smoothly.

Once the blog posts are approved, I upload and schedule the posts into their WordPress account.

Example #3: Blog Post Editing and Newsletter Compiling

Similarly, I have another client for whom I do blog post editing. The client writes rough drafts of the posts and puts them into our shared Dropbox folder. The client sends me an email when they’re ready, and I pick up the files, edit them, and return them to Dropbox. The client reviews them, gives me the go ahead, and then I schedule them into WordPress and compile them into the client’s monthly newsletter. I send the newsletter to our test group, and when it’s good to go I schedule it for distribution.

With today’s technology, working with a professional web content writer couldn’t be easier. If you’d like to learn more about our web content writing services, send us an email.

Posted: February 20, 2012 in: Marketing Strategy

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