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About Copperplate

Why Customer Success Stories?

Not many marketers specialize in customer success stories and case studies. And that wasn’t my plan either.

I had been running my own content marketing for 10+ years when I started writing customer success stories for Case Study Buddy on a contract basis. It was a real boots-on-the-ground education in what it takes to make a case study that sales and marketing teams value. I wrote and/or edited hundreds (literally!) of customer success stories for some of the biggest logos around.

When I moved into the position of Head Writer and then Head of Writing & Interviewing at Case Study Buddy, I got even more of an inside look at the customer success story production process—where things can go wrong and how to keep them on track.

I learned that not only are good customer success stories difficult to produce, they’re also widely misunderstood.

When Case Study Buddy was purchased by Testimonial Hero in March 2024, I stayed on for a few weeks to help with the transition—giving me a look at an entirely different way of approaching customer stories.

Now, I’m ready to resurrect my business and offer my services to an underserved portion of the market: B2Bs that would benefit greatly from customer success stories but don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on them.

My Team

In my time at Case Study Buddy, I developed a fantastic network of video producers, video editors, and graphic designers that I can call on to create supplementary assets from customer interviews.

With this team, I can offer my clients not just written case studies, but also assets such as video testimonials, designed overview slides for pitch decks, and designed one-sheet that sales teams can email to new leads.

And with my deep background in content marketing, I can also help you leverage these assets across your sales and marketing channels.

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"Holly is a fantastic writer who magically transforms my ideas and thoughts into a wide variety of marketing assets, including articles, newsletters, guest contributions, web copy, nurturing emails and social media posts. As an added bonus, she’s a true professional and real pleasure to work with. I consider her a valuable member of my team and highly recommend her."

- Pauline Jakober, Founder & CEO, Group Twenty Seven