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Case Study Buddy

Marketing agency focused on customer success stories
Size of team: 15+


Case Study Buddy founders Jen Enns and Joel Klettke needed top-level writers to create customer success stories for their clients, including many big-logo brands.


Case Study Buddy hired Holly first as a contract writer, then Head Writer, then Head of Writing & Interviewing.


Holly successfully led the writing and interviewing teams to successfully meet the needs of Case Study Buddy clients across multiple industries.

After almost two years as a full-time employee, Case Study Buddy was acquired by Testimonial Hero, where Holly joined the transition team.

Holly initially joined our team as a contract writer. Her ability to write for and delight some of the world’s biggest brands has been a major asset to CSB’s growth in the enterprise market. Holly is business minded, an intuitive marketer helping drive CSB’s marketing initiatives, and leader in the space of customer storytelling. Not only that, her abilities to support, collaborate, and set up others on the team for success, made it an apparent move to promote her to leading the Writing & Interviewing department. No matter the challenge or task, Holly has the ability to take on whatever is thrown her way and execute with such grace and professionalism. She is incredibly proactive, a strong communicator, and a joy to work with.

—Jen Enns, Co-founder, Case Study Buddy


Holly is an incredible talent and even better person. The number of times I’ve thought, felt, or said “Holy cow, how did you get all of that done?” is hard to count.

First, as a writer, Holly is professional, detail-oriented, and a chameleon of voices and offers. She cares deeply about the level of work she turns around, and has delivered exceptional work for the likes of HubSpot and other billion-dollar brands with discerning content teams and high standards.

As a manager and leader, Holly is kind, thorough, and a true advocate both for the client AND her team. She thinks carefully about her approach and is personal and thoughtful with everyone she encounters. She manages to get an enormous amount done herself while also getting the best from her team and making sure they know exactly how to deliver to the highest standards they can.

Holly also took on new and different challenges beyond her initial role: leading our interviewing team, managing much of our marketing activity, even experimenting with video production herself. She’s willing to give almost anything a shot, and everything she touches is better for it.

I cannot recommend her enough.

—Joel Klettke, Co-founder, Case Study Buddy


Group Twenty Seven

PPC marketing agency
Size of team: 10+


As the CEO of an in-demand boutique PPC marketing agency, Pauline Jakober struggled to keep up with her content marketing.

She had many valuable insights to share with her followers and prospective clients—insights shaped by many years of paid search marketing experience.

But Pauline needed someone who could help her capture, frame and put her ideas into writing and ensure she was getting maximum value for her efforts.

And that “someone” would need to keep pace with the ever-changing world of paid search marketing.


A colleague recommended Holly to Pauline, and Holly quickly immersed herself in paid search industry content to get up to speed.

With those efforts, and Pauline’s patient tutoring, Holly was soon putting Pauline’s ideas into blog posts and guest articles that needed few revisions.

Not long after, Holly took charge of the Group Twenty Seven newsletter and started sharing Pauline’s content on social media.

Today, Holly takes an active role in content planning and strategy while also helping with ad hoc content marketing projects, such as email nurturing campaigns and website copy revisions.


Through her hard work and perseverance, Pauline has built a thriving business and assembled a team of PPC pros of which she’s rightfully proud.

She also has the time and mental space to focus on things most important to her— such as delivering value to her clients and giving other women entrepreneurs a helping hand—knowing that Holly has her content marketing program under control.

Holly has been managing my content marketing program for 5+ years now. She does a fantastic job planning, strategizing and keeping on top of what needs to be done. We have a great collaborative relationship where we bounce ideas and strategies off one another to get maximum value from my content.

 Holly also happens to be a fantastic writer who magically transforms my ideas and thoughts into a wide variety of marketing assets, including articles, newsletters, guest contributions, web copy, nurturing emails and social media posts. As an added bonus, she’s a true professional and real pleasure to work with. I consider her a valuable member of my team and highly recommend her.

—Pauline Jakober, Founder & CEO, Group Twenty Seven

Gandia Communications

Coach and strategist for high-income business writers
Size of team: 5+


Ed Gandia’s coaching business was growing rapidly, and he struggled to keep up with his marketing content.

As a writer and marketer with decades of experience, Ed is perfectly capable of generating his own content—and he did exactly that for many years.

But as Ed’s business grew, he needed to dedicate more of his attention to coaching and thought leadership and less to content marketing.

He needed someone who could take on that function and collaborate with his operations manager to plan, create and publish his content.

Most importantly, he needed someone who could capture and communicate his original thoughts and ideas while remaining faithful to his unique style and voice.


Ed had brought in outside writers to help in the past, but the fit was never there.

He had almost given up on the idea when a colleague recommended Holly, and he decided to give it one more try.

Holly quickly stepped in and helped create blog posts, drawing from Ed’s wealth of existing content as well as new content he generated for coaching purposes.

This approach worked so well, Holly’s role was expanded to include the management and creation of content across Ed’s business, including newsletters, lead magnets, podcast show notes, training materials, and guest articles.

Within a few weeks, Holly’s adoption of Ed’s voice was so complete, it became difficult to discern what Ed had written—and what Holly had written for him.


Today, Ed continues to refine his business to deliver maximum value to his coaching clients while building the career and lifestyle he desires.

Holly remains an essential part of the equation, helping to manage and generate content—and giving Ed the time and mental space he needs to evolve his business.

It’s challenging to find a solid business writer who can write clearly and persuasively. It’s even harder to find one who also meets deadlines consistently. Holly is one of those rare exceptions. She’s not only an outstanding writer, she’s a real pleasure to work with. She is sharp, professional and always comes through— and she delivers excellent work on the first round. I can’t recommend her enough!

—Ed Gandia, Business Coach and Strategist, High-Income Business Writing

Red Three Consulting

ERP software consulting
Size of team: 2+


In the world of enterprise software, Adam Jacobson of Red Three Consulting is a rarity: he combines a deep knowledge of ERP software with expertise in accounting and finance.

Adam uses his blog and newsletter to communicate his unique perspective to clients and prospects as well as a tool to formulate his own thoughts and insights.

But while Adam enjoyed the process of formulating his ideas and recognized the value of his content marketing, he didn’t want the hassle of doing it all himself.


A mutual colleague recommended Holly to Adam, and a bit of guidance, Holly got up to speed in the technical world of enterprise software.

Today, Adam provides content for the Red Three blog and newsletter through rough drafts that Holly edits and proofs.

Also important to Adam, Holly was able to capture and preserve Adam’s distinct voice in all his content, sharing it through his blog, newsletter and social media accounts.


Today, Adam is dedicating more of his time to delivering services and less time on content management—allowing him to help more CEOs, CFOs and other executives fix their data problems.

Red Three Consulting

"Holly consistently delivers on time, has excellent follow-up and exhibits a high degree of creativity and thought. A true professional. I wouldn't hesitate to call on her again for our next project!"

- Sara Clark, Chief Strategy Officer, Small Business BC