case study in content marketing

The Company

For years, Darren Pedersen has worked as a successful financial advisor. From his offices in Vancouver and Nanaimo, Canada, he’s developed many long-term relationships with clients.

But his world was turned sideways when he was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer in 2013.

After undergoing radiation, chemotherapy and two major surgeries, Darren was on the road to recovery—and ready to take deeper look at his life and business. As part of that self-evaluation, he reached to business coach Michèle Soregaroli to more fully understand his business values, philosophies, goals and strategies.

After several months, Darren came away with a renewed sense of clarity about his business and the unique value he delivers to his clients.

The Challenge

The problem remained of how to share this renewed clarity and purpose with his clients and prospects.

The obvious solution was to share his insights through blog posts or a newsletter. But writing wasn’t something Darren enjoyed or was especially skilled at. And none of his administrative staff had professional writing chops either.

The Objective

Primary objective: To draw out and share Darren’s new business insights with clients and prospects.

Secondary objective: To use his personal story to raise awareness about the importance of early cancer screening and healthy living.

The Solution

1. Conduct interviews

Darren and I sat down for several phone interviews over the course of almost a year. During those interviews, he talked about his philosophies, values and promises. Covering two topics each session, he would explain what topic meant to him, and I would ask questions to further pull out his thoughts.

2. Write articles for his business blog

After each interview, I would write an article for each topic based on our conversation. I would also add additional research as appropriate.

Although the project is still ongoing, we have already talked about additional ways to repurpose the content once complete, such as a short ebook or part of a new client welcome package.

3. Use his blog and newsletter to share news about Health the Way Nature Intended

In the course of this process, Darren casually mentioned that his fiancé, Leanne Chan, had written a lifestyle book for cancer thrivers (and their families) who were learning to live with a stoma. They were launching the book in November 2015, and they could use some help publicizing it through articles for Darren’s business blog and newsletter. Would I be interested in helping?

Needless to say, I was thrilled to help out in any way I could. And when I attended the book launch in Vancouver, I was stunned by what a saw. The book Health the Way Nature Intended: Your Complete Guide to Eating and Living Well With a Stoma is absolutely gorgeous—and filled with delicious, simple and healthy recipes.

With all proceeds supporting cancer thrivers and their families, you should pick up a copy!

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