With Google’s continual updates to its top-secret algorithm, search engine optimization has changed a lot over the past few years. But that doesn’t mean it’s no longer important.

Instead, it means that web copywriters, content marketers and business owners need to take a more thoughtful, holistic approach to website optimization.

While we still need to identify target keywords and pay close attention to link quality, our primary goal must be to keep the content readable and engaging, which means no keyword stuffing and no quick fixes.

Whether you’re developing a new website or revamping an old one, I work with you and/or your marketing team to pull together existing content and write new content that appeals to your target audience. And you’ll have ample opportunity to review the content and ask for revisions or tweaks as you see fit.

YOU have the final say in your content marketing

As a professional marketing writer, I’m happy to provide you with guidance and advice when it comes to developing marketing content for your business.

But I’m also experienced and savvy enough to know that ultimately it’s your business, not mine. So I won’t take it personally (or throw a fit) if you want to do things a bit differently.

If you’re ready to launch or revamp your website—and need quality, optimized content to go with it—contact me for a quote.